Charter Members November 14, 2019

As part of our overall efforts at community-building we are connecting underrepresented folks in technology, into a network to support with jobs, connections, access to resources, and events.

Please join us as a member and update our directory with your listing.

Charter Members

Ana Barcelona, Senior UX Designer, Lullabot
Jess Aguero, UX Designer, Ashoka
Alpa Patel, Project Manager, Interactive Strategies
Lucy Pineda, U. Group
Mimi Tan, Creative Director, Interactive Strategies
Emefa Agodo, Flatiron Data Sciences
Katie Cheng, Founder,  Ellaphant LLC
Anika Harden, Web Developer/Digital Strategist, Green America
Felicia McClary, Engineering Initiatives Manager, U.Group
Natee Johnson, Engineer and Data Scientist
Mirna Izaguirre, ITI Tech Support, Ashoka
Delia Nicole, Virtual Assistant Services
Asha Singh, Project Manager, EPAM Systems
Jordan Hardy, UX Drupal Developer, Discovery Education
Carla Briceno, CoFounder, Bixal
Victoria Palmer, Forum One